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      Low Testosterone (Low-T) Treatment Grand Rapids, MI

      Hypogonadism & Low Testosterone

      Testosterone is a vital sex hormone which plays a key role in men’s health, regulating a man’s sex drive, muscle mass, bone density and even red blood cell production. Low testosterone (male hypogonadism) is a medical condition in which the testes (male sexual glands) fail to function properly, resulting in diminished testosterone production. When testosterone levels are imbalanced, negative health effects can occur and significantly impact a man’s quality of life.

      Low Testosterone Treatment Grand Rapids MI

      A testosterone imbalance is most commonly attributed to the aging process; testosterone levels begin to decline steadily after the age of 30, and in some men, this decline can be substantial. However, aging is not the only factor that can lead to hypogonadism. Additional potential causes of low testosterone include:

      • Obesity
      • Trauma or injury
      • Inherited conditions like hemochromatosis (too much iron in the blood) or Kallmann syndrome (hypothalamus that has not developed properly)
      • Certain medications
      • Alcohol abuse and cirrhosis of the liver
      • Inflammatory diseases like sarcoidosis or tuberculosis
      • Cancer treatment

      Do You Have Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

      There are many symptoms of low testosterone that are written off as normal aspects of aging or attributed to other medical conditions. The most common symptoms triggering an appointment with Grand Rapids Men's Clinic are those associated with reduced sexual function including low libido, erectile dysfunction—the inability to achieve or maintain an erection—and premature ejaculation—uncontrolled ejaculation upon sexual arousal or penetration.

      Additional, lesser known symptoms of low testosterone you may experience include:

      • Fatigue / low energy
      • Hair loss
      • Weight gain
      • Loss of muscle mass and bone density
      • Diminished mood / depression
      • Low semen during ejaculation
      • Changes in sleep pattern
      • Poor memory

      If you experience one or several of these symptoms, you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy at Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic.

      Diagnosing Testosterone Deficiency

      To effectively treat your troubling symptoms, Dr. Naeem must first confirm inadequate testosterone levels are to blame. Dr. Naeem provides discreet consultations which include a physical examination and a thorough review of your medical history. If he suspects you are experiencing a testosterone imbalance, a blood test is administered and processed at our on-site lab testing facility. This simple blood test is included in your initial visit to Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic.

      Based on this comprehensive review of your current health, Dr. Naeem will formulate a customized treatment plan to restore testosterone levels to healthy levels and to optimize your overall wellness.

      Your Options for Raising Testosterone Levels

      The safest and most effective way to restore your depleted testosterone levels is through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). BHRT utilizes testosterone that is biologically identical to the testosterone your body produces naturally.

      Testosterone replacement therapy at Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic can be administered via testosterone injections or a testosterone cream. Testosterone injections are injected into a muscle like the gluteus maximus, ensuring the testosterone Is transported efficiently and quickly throughout the body. Injections, on average, are administered every two weeks. A testosterone cream is applied topically to the skin daily. In the case of topical application, the testosterone is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

      Your testosterone medication from Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic can be delivered directly to your home and requires no copay. Dr. Naeem will routinely monitor your testosterone levels, adjusting the dosing and treatment frequency as needed.

      Benefits of Low Testosterone (Low-T) Treatments

      Restoring optimal testosterone levels to your body can undoubtedly transform your health. The benefits of low testosterone treatments that you may experience include:

      • Improved mood, concentration and energy levels
      • Improved sex drive
      • Revitalized sexual function
      • Increased lean muscle mass and athletic performance
      • Reduced body fat
      • Improved bone mineral density
      • Improved insulin sensitivity

      These improvements do not occur overnight; achieving healthy testosterone levels is a process that requires ongoing monitoring and management. You will likely experience some or many of these benefits within a month of treatment, but every man responds to testosterone replacement therapy differently. Dr. Naeem will discuss expectations for treatment, as well as any side effects that you may experience, during your appointment. He may recommend lifestyle changes to your diet or activity level to complement your treatment plan.

      Feel Like a New Man Today!

      If you believe you suffer from low testosterone levels, don’t delay in receiving personalized treatment from Dr. Naeem at the Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic.

      Schedule an appointment today to discuss hormone replacement therapy and other treatments focused on improving men’s health! Call ☎ (616) 426-6163 or contact us online!

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