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      Concierge Medicine Grand Rapids, MI

      Concierge Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine

      Traditional healthcare often lacks a fundamental component to sustained health and wellness: care.

      Patients shuffle in and out of exam rooms, spending mere minutes with their provider before being sent on their way. They are often left with more questions than answers, yet do not have the access to their primary care physician that they need in order to understand the complexities of their health.

      Now, a new model of healthcare seeks to eliminate the pitfalls of conventional medicine to revolutionize patient health, and it’s called concierge medicine.

      Concierge Medicine Grand Rapids Michigan

      What Is Concierge Medicine?

      Concierge medicine, also referred to as boutique medicine, retainer medicine, or direct care, is an emerging medical field which places emphasis on the relationship between the doctor and patient. Practices which offer medical concierge services do so by charging a retainer fee, billing for services, or a combination of the two. In some cases, insurance is excepted for certain treatments and conditions.

      The major goal of concierge medicine is to increase patients’ time with their physician and improve the quality of the visit. Visits focus on developing individualized treatment plans and provide major medical services all under one roof.

      Dr. Naeem of Grand Rapids Men's Clinic is proud to offer concierge primary care services to his patients as part of his ongoing commitment to personalized health, disease prevention, wellness, and health restoration. If you are interested in a new model of healthcare which focuses on your needs, schedule an appointment with our office. Call ☎ (616) 426-6163 or contact us online.

      What Are the Benefits of Concierge Medicine?

      Concierge medicine at Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic offers invaluable perks for almost any patient, including:

      • Increased time with Dr. Naeem during your office visit
      • Priority appointment scheduling
      • Access to our EHR Practice Fusion patient portal which manages your health information
      • Expedited test results
      • Discounted pricing on lab tests, prescriptions, and diagnostics

      Grand Rapids Concierge Medicine Program

      Dr. Naeem has combined the best elements of concierge medical care to create a comprehensive, personal wellness plan that incorporates lifestyle improvements, nutrition, and other therapies associated with healthy aging. This plan will also provide you with:

      • Annual preventive care physical examination
      • In-office lab testing
      • Immunization recommendations
      • Quarterly patient follow-up call and coaching

      The monthly fee for our healthcare concierge services program is affordable and reasonable; with it, you will have the ability to see the doctor as many times as needed, without worrying about a co-pay. Your membership will also grant you priority access to your doctor, and most in-office procedures are included.

      Request Your Appointment Today

      The Grand Rapids Men’s Clinic medical team is proud to offer you access to healthcare that can help you age healthier and happier. Our beautiful, well-appointed exam suites and amenities ensure your comfort when you visit our office and will make you feel right at home.

      If you are frustrated with traditional medicine and the lack of time and effort put into restoring your health, it’s time you make a change. To learn more about health concierge services or how to become a member, please call us at ☎ (616) 426-6163 or contact us online.

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